Working for more than a decade with multi-discipline customers, domains and industries has helped us to identify the key areas of focus, challenges and tasks for the Service Managers in large organizations. This experience became the stimulating factor to develop a robust, scalable and at the same time easy to implement software solution for Product Tracking and Complaint Management

That brought out the Manage Service; an integrated solution for Product tracking and complaint management system. Manage Service has been defined and modelled around the tested and popularly used Service Standards Guidelines.

Service based process implementation in Manage Service aims to ensure that incidents are detected and service requests are then recorded. Manage Service has a very powerful add-on feature for maintaining Annual Maintenance Contracts and other on-call support services. Also you can maintain equipments mapped against these contracts along with validity, value and other relevant details against each contract. System has the required mechanisms to trigger off renewal and expiry alerts for AMCs and contracts.