Too often, manufacturers view their service operations as ancillary businesses separate from and by no means are equal in strategic or operational importance to the product business.That mindset as risky as it is outdated.

Rarely do we consider the importance of customer service in manufacturing industries, but it's as important or more important for a business' health, because a lost customer can mean millions of dollars in lost sales.

Manufacturing companies that do not pay close attention to the potential growth that exists on the service side of their business are "putting their entire business models at risk.

Adding to that, the power of a very few individuals who determine what products get into which geographical area in terms of countries, states, cities, etc. and the value of each and every contact and decision maker escalates into millions of dollars. It's simply important to address these super-valuable relationships.

New technologies and data-driven focus in the form of Service Management System are enabling more agile, responsive customer-service departments, both inside and outside the manufacturing enterprise.

ManageService24x7 offers you a one stop and integrated mechanism to have complete information and control over your service relationship with customers.